Learning & Teaching

Leaning and Teaching Unit (L&T) is one unit under UTMLead that dedicated to assist UTM academic staff in providing quality and effective instructions in Leaning & Teaching (L&T). It plays a key role in implementing the University’s L&T strategy and conducting professional development programmes for academic staff. This is summed up by the LTU’s mission statement “Promoting Excellence and Innovation in L&T”.


  • To assist University in providing the essentials and innovation in L&T to improve the quality and relevancy of learning among students
  • To provide relevant and systematic training, advice and facilitation for both basic and the advancement of L&T to academic staff
  • To advice and assist University in establishing the required learning essentials for the successful implementation of New Academia
  • To assist the University in formulating and revising L&T policies.
  • To promote students’ engagement in learning within a deep knowledge culture
  • To promote and facilitate of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) oriented culture of research and academic publication among staff
Prof. Madya Ir. Hayati Abdullah

Deputy Director, Learning and Teaching Unit (L&T), UTMLead