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Academic Leadership Talent Management (ALTM)

Academic Leadership Talent Management (ALTM)

ALTM is a strategic view of UTM human capital blue print in developing talents for academic leadership. ALTM focuses on UTM succession plan in terms of the strategic positions in the faculties. The Faculty top management is responsible in identifying the successor for each strategic position. UTMLead will provide the profiling of these talents and at the same time develop their competency skills. ALTM will be a part of UTM SHARP.

Talent pool statistics

  • Compulsory Modules
  • Optional Modules
  • Role specific
  • Cognitive Capabilities
  • Personal Capabilities
  • Interpersonal Capabilities
  • Generic competencies

CATEGORY : Role-Specific Competencies

Modules  Code  Hours  Facilitator
The Academic Leaders – Duties, Responsibilities and Expectations ALR101 3 VC & DVCAI/DVCRI
Basic Governance and Decision Making ALR102 6 Registrar (COO)/ Prof Shahrin
Financial Management – Income generation, Spending in Hard Time ALR103 6 Bendahari(CFO) & Prof. Shahrin
Managing Faculty/Department and Talent/Staff ALR201 6 Prof. Shamsul Shabuddin
Managing Academic Programme/Curriculum ALR202 6 PM Dr. Naziha binti Ahmad Azli / Prof Yahaya Md Sam
Student Development ALR204 6 Prof. Mohd Zaki / Prof. Durrishah


CATEGORY : Cognitive Capabilities

Modules  Code  Hours  Facilitator
The Essentials of Academic Leadership ALC101 6 Dato’ Ahmad Nazri / Prof Salleh
Strategic and Operational Planning ALC102 6 Prof. Azlan (DVCD) / Prof. Shahrin
Transformational and Turnaround Leadership for Universities ALC103 6 Dato’ Sri Mohd Nadzmi Mohd Salleh
Strategic and Contextual Leadership ALC104 6 TBC
Risk Management ALC201 6 PM Dr Maisarah Saat/Pn Norhaida Hamdan
Negotiation Skills & Decision Making ALC203 6 Dr Helen Tan Sui Hong
Knowledge Management ALC205 6 Prof. Rose Alinda/ Prof Azlan Ab Rahman


CATEGORY : Personal Capabilities

Modules  Code  Hours  Facilitator
Qalb-based Leadership ALP101 6 Prof. Zainuddin / FTI
Emotional Intelligence ALP102 6 Prof. Rose Alinda Alias


CATEGORY : Interpersonal Capabilities

Modules  Code  Hours  Facilitator
Interpersonal Communication ALI101 4 Prof. Azlan / Prof. Masputriah
Mentoring / Coaching for Excellence ALI102 6 Dato’ Rafiq
Influencing Others ALI201 4 Prof. Mohd Azraai / Prof Hamdan Ahmad
Networking Skills ALI202 4 Prof. Nordin Yahya/Prof Zulkifli Yusop


CATEGORY : Generic Competencies

Modules  Code  Hours  Facilitator
Public Speaking ALG101 6 PM Dr Zaleha Abdullah
Presentation Skills ALG102 6 Prof. Masputriah/Dr Abdullah Mohd Nawi


CATEGORY : Special Programme (for Dean & NTT Talent Pool)

Modules  Code  Hours  Facilitator
Cakna Kepimpinan (Shared Leadership Series) ALS101 4 DVCs & Registrar
Wacana Kepimpinan (Make Things Happen – Mentoring Series) ALS102 4 Tan Sri Zulkefli & Dato’ Zainai
Leadership Talk Series ALS103 4 Invited Speaker


Modules  Code  Hours  Facilitator
Soul of Academia in Higher Education AEA 6 Prof. Rose Alinda Alias

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