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Baseline Competencies for Differenciated Career Path (BC4DCP)


Baseline Competencies for Differential Career Path (BC4DCP) is a planning basis for DCP tracks which consist of Research, Teaching, Professional Practise and Institution Leadership. BC4DCP is a new model that replaces Sijil Pengajaran Pengajian Tinggi (SPPT) for new academic staff for confirmation.


Category Kursus Hours
General Program Transformasi Minda (PTM) 30
Soul of Academia 6
Entrepreneurial Academia 3
Teaching & Supervision SPPT +Teaching Observation+AS101 42
New Academia 3
Research (RDCI) RPI101: Writing Proposal-Developing a Winning Solution 10
RPI102: Research Project Management 6
RPI103: Publishing Your Research 6
Leadership (ALD) ALD 101- the Essential of Quality Leadership 6
Professional Services LKM100: Community Engagement 6
  BPS101: Entrepreneurship & Commercialization



  • RDCI – RPI101, RPI102, RPI103
  • ALD – ALD 101
  • LKM – LKM100, BPS101