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We are a team of Creative Multimedia expert based in Johor with specialize in Multimedia Production works. Our experience in video production includes online learning technology, creative montage, corporate video works, voice over recording and aerial cinematography.


We strive our best on capturing aerial footage that will highlight your unique vision and produce stunning visual from a diverse perspective. By offering a cost-effective drone package now you also have the opportunity to enjoy a ‘bird’s eye view’ footage by our professional drone pilot. Our unmanned aerial flying system is equipped with a GPS system with live video feedback and fail-safe safety features.


Television, Commercial, Music Video, Real Estate, Engineering, Sports, Wedding, Promotional Video… By offering aerial footage service of up to 2K display resolution from a variety of production works, we visualize to you a different angle of story according to your needs. Because every story needs to be delivered in different ways with different angle to get big impact in a storyline. And that is where we offer you our great effort in making your aerial footage a work of art.


Our multimedia team of expert and professional drone pilot connected to one single target, that is to deliver professional experience with cost effective package and a friendly service to our clients. Let us capture your aerial footage!

MOOC Development Pakej

Studio + iStudio + Production Crew

Price : RM5,000 / 3 Days
Video recording in studio using iStudio system with 3 videographer.
Video will be edited and returned back to customer in mp4 format.

Price : RM2,800.00 per project

Max. Coverage of 9 buildings per project
3 camera positions: Fly-in + Revolve + Pass Through
Approximately 10 minutes of footages per building
Completed in professional HD 1080 resolution

For more information on how to get in touch regarding our services, please contact us at the following: Prof. Madya Dr. Mohd Nihra Haruzuan Mohamad Said I.T. Manager 07-5537880 Dr. Azizul Azri Mustaffa Pengurus CMLT 07-5537885