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MyMentor Program

MyMentor is a six-year initiative program that is being supported by the Ministry of Education. MyMentor aims to develop post-doctoral research in Malaysia, in line with the National Higher Education Strategic Plan. The initiative is being led by The university of Nothingham Malaysia Campus in collaboration with The university of Southampton Malaysia Campus and Monash University Malaysia.

To join this program please goto to apply

Download this flyer for further information.

For General Inquiries, please email to:

MyMentor Program Corporat Video



Application Process 

MyMentor Program



FLyer for MyMentor Program


Slides for MyMentor Program during the Awareness Program in UTM on 12 July 2017


Mentee Application Form

Once you have chosen your Mentor from the Capability Statements document and, if you wish to apply, kindly download the  application form and forward the same to

Approval from mentee’s institution (Registrar/Pendaftar)

The mentee is required to obtain approval from their institution’s registrar/pendaftar and the approval should be sent to Kindly download the approval form from below.

Please take note the mentee would in addition to the approval apply to their institution for leave to undertake the MyMentor postdoctoral programme.


MyMentor Brief Details

For more information on the program, kindly refer to the document available below.




MyMentor Awareness Program in UTM

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